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Skin Remodelling

By Metro Spa

Profilo 2x2ml Complete Treatment2 Hour£560
Viscoderm Hydrobooster 1ml1 Hour£250

Lip Enhancement

By Metro Spa

Juvéderm ULTRA® 1ml1 Hour£220
Juvéderm ULTRA Smile® 0.55ml1 Hour£160
Vobella® 1ml1 Hour£280
Volift 0.5ml1 Hour£200
Volift 1ml1 Hour£280

Anti Wrinkle

By Metro Spa

1 Area1 Hour£140
2 Area1 1/2 Hours£200
3 Areas2 Hours£260

Facial line fillers

By Metro Spa

Juvéderm2® fine lines 0.5ml1 Hour£160
Juvéderm ULTRA® 3&4 – 1ml £200, 2ml1 1/2 Hours£350
Juvederm Voluma® 1ml £280, 2ml2 Hours£520
Volift® 1ml £280, 2ml2 Hours£520
Vobella® 1ml £280, 2ml2 Hours£520
Volite® 1ml £280, 2ml2 Hours£520

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