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MetroSpa’s treatments that work best together!

We all love an iconic duo, and did you know that the treatments at MetroSpa can often work amazingly together to create even more desirable results?

Your treatment plan is totally personal to you, so we are here if you want to focus on one procedure, or find a combination that tackles all your concerns.

Some of the best treatments at our medical skin clinic that work together include:

Microneedling and dermal fillers

Microneedling is one of our most popular treatments, as this increases the production of collagen and creates microchannels in the skin to allow active ingredients in, targeting skin concerns like acne, fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. 

We offer Mesoesthetic here, or you can opt for INTRAcel Pro’s radiofrequency microneedling. If you are interested in dermal fillers, having a microneedling treatment before improves the framework for your fillers to sit better. 

Microneedling and professional-grade peels

Microneedling also works well with skin peels, transforming your skin both inside and out. This helps get rid of dry, dead skin cells (perfect after winter!) and stimulates collagen production for rejuvenated skin. 

One of our peels is the PCA Perfecting Peel, which removes the top layer of the skin to reveal new, healthy skin. You can even check out the PCA Skin range when you visit us, so you can bring their pioneering products to your daily skincare routine. 

Envy facial and Profhilo 

Get your glow back with a combination of Envy (DiamondGlow) and Profhilo! Envy is great for skin resurfacing, as it simultaneously exfoliates, extracts and infuses the skin on the face and body, resulting in healthy, radiant and rejuvenated skin. 

Profhilo is a hyaluronic acid based injectable for treating skin laxity and signs of ageing, and this hydrates skin both in the dermis and epidermis. So, combining these treatments ensures hydration both on the surface and deeper down!

Anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers

Did you know that different injectables can actually be combined? Our number one treatment brand, Botox, is most commonly used for smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles, whereas dermal fillers like Aliaxin have a volumising effect, so your skin is both smoother and lifted with this combo. A practitioner will discuss how to safely perform these treatments alongside each other. 

These are just a few combinations that can create desirable results, however sometimes treatments are not recommended together. Our team of medical professionals here in Birmingham will ensure you’re in safe hands, and only choose treatments that create the best results together!


The best anti-ageing treatments at MetroSpa

It’s easier than ever to feel youthful again – especially with the range of non-surgical options at our medical skin clinic!

So which aesthetic treatments are best for anti-ageing? Turn back the hands of time and get glowing skin again at MetroSpa, with some of our favourites including:

INTRAcel Pro – an INTRAcel treatment uses 49 microneedles for optimised radiofrequency delivery; this protects the surface of the skin from damage, giving it less downtime than other laser procedures or surgery.

Some of the areas INTRAcel can rejuvenate include loose jowls, sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles. It can also target other skin concerns such as stretch marks, acne and scarring. The results are visible for up to two years, although you can book in for top-up treatments. 

ULTRAcel Q+ – high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) is used during this anti-ageing treatment, to lift and tighten areas around the face and body. ULTRAcel Q+ is 3 times faster than other HIFU procedures, resulting in minimal discomfort and quicker treatment time. 

The benefits of this treatment include stimulating new collagen production, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, body contouring, facial sculpting and targeting stubborn fat deposits. 2-3 procedures are required on average, but some people may only need one!

Profhilo – this is the first BDDE-free stabilised hyaluronic acid (HA) based product for treating skin laxity; it not only boosts and hydrates the skin, but also remodels the ageing and sagging tissue. 

Profhilo reduces laxity and crepey appearance on the face, neck, decolletage, upper arms, abdomen and thighs, and more! The slow release of HA over 28 days stimulates 4 different types of collagen, for a lifting and tightening effect. 

Dermal fillers – fillers can be used for many anti-ageing effects, including sculpting cheekbones, adding definition to the jaw and filling fine lines. Many of our patients opt to have several treatments at once, to target all your concerns.

We are committed to offering only the highest quality products, which is why we chose Aliaxin and Juvederm as our filler brands, and you can ensure you’re in safe hands with our medical practitioners.

Anti-wrinkle treatment – the number one treatment brand, Botox, can help relax the facial muscles to give a smooth, lifted effect!

These benefits can be seen within just a few days, but you’ll get to enjoy the full anti-ageing results after 2-3 weeks. 

PCA Skin – as well as our treatments in the clinic, you can see anti-ageing effects in your home routine with PCA Skin’s product range. One of our favourites at the clinic is the Hydraluxe moisturiser, which improves moisture retention, reduces signs of ageing and preserves the appearance of youthful skin. 

You can enquire about the full PCA Skin range by booking a free consultation with us!

So if you want to begin your skincare journey towards younger and healthier looking skin, get in touch with us here at our Birmingham-based clinic and we can help with your anti-ageing goals!


Are you leaving it too long between aesthetic treatments?

With the pandemic and now the return of our busier lives, you may inadvertently be leaving the gap between your treatments too long.

Although treatments at MetroSpa show desirable results after just one appointment, a course is often needed so you can achieve exactly what you’re hoping for. 

Here’s the guidance for some of our favourite treatments:

INTRAcel Pro – it can take 1-5 sessions to achieve optimum results, with most people having 3 treatments. These are usually 6 weeks apart to allow healing in-between. 

ULTRAcel Q+ – you will usually need 2-3 treatments, with a frequency of every 3 months. 

Envy (DiamondGlow) – we typically advise on a course of up to 6 sessions, with around 3 weeks between each treatment.

Profhilo – for long-lasting results, it is advised to have two treatments, with a 4 week gap.

Microneedling – we recommend 3-6 treatments, with each treatment being 2-4 weeks apart. 

Your treatment frequency is totally unique, as everyone’s skin is different so is treated accordingly. We will give you guidance during your consultation as to what we think is best for you!

Even if you don’t have much time to spare, we will work around your schedule to ensure you’re receiving the full benefits of the treatment you’ve chosen.

Since we value the importance of multiple sessions with us, we also have some special deals to save you money along the way. Our Envy course offer gives you 6 sessions for £645, saving you £129! You can also enjoy 6 sessions of microneedling for £600, which is a £300 discount.

To view how much each individual treatment costs, head to our bookings page.

So to keep your beautiful results going, book your follow-up appointments today and continue your skincare journey at our Birmingham medical skin clinic!


My Lip Filler Experience With Dermoperfection, Birmingham

Lip fillers have always been something that has fascinated me and, I’ll be honest, something that I have always wanted but never thought it would happen. I was so thrilled to be told about Dermoperfection.

My top lip has always been a part of me that I’ve never been happy with. It’s always been small and with every smile, it disappeared. Yes, there are makeup tips and tricks to enhance the appearance and make it look fuller, such as overlining, but what about the days that you don’t want or even feel like wearing lipstick?

When I had the opportunity to get a treatment from the newly opened Dermoperfection in Birmingham, I literally jumped at the chance!

Who Is Dermoperfection?

Dermoperfection is located at 36 Pinfold Street in Birmingham and is owned by fully registered practitioner Stu Logan. Stu trained at the leading cosmetic courses academy and has a wealth of experience and knowledge in aesthetics.

My Lip Filler Experience with Dermoperfection, Birmingham
Stu Logan, Managing Director & Chief Aesthetics Practitioner

Stu says “I have personally overseen every step and taken time to ensure that only the highest quality products are offered. That these products are accessed from registered UK providers and that all injectable treatments are sourced directly from UK pharmacists only. No corners are cut ever, quality and assurance that the products used are UK regulated is an absolute must and I want to give you the consumer that confidence, reassurance and the exceptional value that you deserve.”

My Lip Filler Experience with Dermoperfection, Birmingham
Stu Logan, Managing Director & Chief Aesthetics Practitioner

After reading all about him on the Dermoperfection website, I felt in very safe hands when booking my consultation.


The process couldn’t be easier. Dermoperfection have an online booking system where you can select the timeslot that is best suited to you. You need to have a consultation first, with a brief cooling off period of at least a couple of days before your treatment date, just in case you think of any more questions, or of course, you change your mind about the treatment. During the consultation, Stu will decide what fillers to use on you, this will depend on the desired result that you want.

Treatment Day

The day of the treatment came and I was so excited. Finally, I was going to have the lips that I have always wanted. Stu was so lovely and made me feel at complete ease because I really didn’t have a clue what to expect. He explained what he was going to do and asked me to fill out the consent form and we were good to go.

The Lip Filler Experience

I had some numbing cream applied to my lips which is the most bizarre of sensations. It also doesn’t taste great but that is more my fault for chattering away. You’re not supposed to eat it, after all!

After about ten minutes Stu went in with the injections. I wish I could remember how many I had, but it’s all a little bit of a blur if I’m honest. I won’t lie, it is painful. You’re having a needle in your lips, so it’s not going to be pain-free but I just kept telling myself ‘you’ve gone through childbirth, get over it!’. Within ten minutes the treatment was done and I was thrilled to be able to see the results immediately.

I was expecting a lot of swelling, but to be honest it never really came. I felt comfortable walking around Birmingham city centre after the treatment, confident that no one could guess what I had had done. I was more bothered that my face was missing makeup around my mouth!

Stu advised keeping the lips moisturised as much as possible and gave me a card that had all of the do’s and don’ts post-treatment. These are things like no alcohol, or smoking in the hours proceeding the injections. Nothing major and all easy to do. He explained that any swelling should go down within 48 hours and be warned some bruising may appear. I was obviously very lucky as I had barely any swelling and just one tiny bruise which was easily covered with make-up.

The Results

I was and still am, absolutely thrilled with the results of my lip fillers. For the first few days, I couldn’t stop looking at them. They have now become a part of me and I don’t think I can imagine going back to how I was before. They look so natural which was just the look I wanted. My Mum had concerns I would end up with a ‘trout pout’ and even she has said how lovely they look!

My Lip Filler Experience with Dermoperfection, Birmingham
Before and after
My Lip Filler Experience with Dermoperfection, Birmingham
With lipstick
My Lip Filler Experience with Dermoperfection, Birmingham
Without lipstick

As if all of this wasn’t enough, I then got to go along to the influencers launch night at the clinic and got to meet all of the influencers that had been involved in the launch and talk to them about their experiences. I didn’t speak to one person who didn’t love their treatments. They had a mixture of lip fillers, skin peels, anti-wrinkle injections and fibroblast treatment. They all looked amazing.

My Lip Filler Experience with Dermoperfection, Birmingham
My Lip Filler Experience with Dermoperfection, Birmingham
My Lip Filler Experience with Dermoperfection, Birmingham
My Lip Filler Experience with Dermoperfection, Birmingham
My Lip Filler Experience with Dermoperfection, Birmingham
My Lip Filler Experience with Dermoperfection, Birmingham
My Lip Filler Experience with Dermoperfection, Birmingham
My Lip Filler Experience with Dermoperfection, Birmingham
My Lip Filler Experience with Dermoperfection, Birmingham

I can’t recommend Dermoperfection enough if you are in the Birmingham area and are considering any form of aesthetic treatment. Stu (and Amy, his colleague) are polite, friendly and make you feel completely at ease about asking any questions you might have. A full list of treatments available at Dermoperfection is listed on their website.Dermoperfection will also be opening their doors on Monday the 24th June between 2.30pm-8 pm for a Beauty ‘Decoded’ event. This is an opportunity for those people that have been curious but apprehensive about having a cosmetic aesthetic treatment to receive a consultation, feel the products and speak with Stu directly to demystify preconceptions of aesthetic treatments. You can register your interest here:

I want to take this opportunity to thank Stu for the wonderful treatment and experience that I had whilst visiting Dermoperfection. It’s safe to say I will be back, I’ve started something now. I can’t wait!

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My Lip Filler Experience with Dermoperfection, Birmingham


If you know me out in the ol’ real world, then you’ll probably know I’ve spoke about having lip fillers for about four years. No exaggeration. But like a lot of things – learning to bake or committing to an ab routine, for example – it was starting to seem like one of those things I wasn’t ever really going to get round to doing.

Mainly, this was because I wanted to be sure I was going to the right place. For me, when it comes to these sort of treatments, word-of-mouth recommendations and being able to see previous results is everything. So although I’d been offered lip fillers in the past, I hadn’t been comfortable going ahead with them if I wasn’t absolutely confident in their work.


I was recently contacted by Dermoperfection, who are located in Birmingham City Centre and offer a range of aesthetic treatments. The clinic looked great, but I still initially planned to just pop in for one of their peels, rather than go for anything ‘risky’ like lips. But then I saw that the lovely Chloe from Unwritten Wardrobe had visited the clinic for lip fillers, and hers looked uh-mazing. I slid into the DMs and she told me about the great experience she’d had with Dermoperfection, and finally I decided to don my sassy pants and get them lips did.


I went along to Dermoperfection, which is conveniently located just around the corner from New Street Station in Birmingham. My consultation and treatment were with the lovely Amy, who put me at ease straight away as we discussed the sort of results I was hoping to achieve.

I explained that I was looking for something very subtle with it being my first filler experience, and Amy recommended I start with 0.5ml of filler. I know of friends who have been for consultations at other clinics and had therapists try to pressure them into having larger amounts, so I felt like it was a great sign that Amy was happy to take this gradually. 

At Dermoperfection they only use Juvederm, which I know to be one of the best brands for dermal fillers. Juverderm fillers are made from Hyaluronic Acid, which is a naturally occurring substance in the body. This is why the filler naturally absorbs into the body over time, though the fillers have different consistencies that impacts on how long they will last. I think I had Volift, which is one of the longer-lasting fillers that Juvederm offers. 


When I came back for my treatment, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew a numbing cream would be used so I wouldn’t feel pain, but expected it to still be quite uncomfortable. However, I found the whole thing absolutely fine. The numbing cream was applied around 10 minutes before the treatment, which – apart from giving you that paranoid feeling you get at the dentist where you think you might be dribbling all over yourself – made the whole thing so easy. There was an initial scratch when the needle went in, but then I couldn’t really feel anything.

Amy was brilliant throughout the injections, regularly pausing to take in how they were looking and talking me through each step. I felt completely involved during the whole experience, and most importantly confident that I was in safe hands. 


I purposely chose to have my fillers on a Saturday morning when I didn’t have much planned for the weekend. I’m the kind of girl that ends up with week-long bruises if I brush past a door handle a bit quickly, so I fully expected to be swollen and bruised the day after my treatment. I’d even started plotting what lie I could tell my colleagues if I was still puffy on the Monday morning (“bee sting or allergic reaction? Which is more believable when I never venture outside and live off a diet of Greggs vegan rolls?”)

However, I was SO pleased to find that I actually had hardly anything. The tiny pin pricks were easily covered with concealer the next morning, and I didn’t have any bruises. I saw family members later that night and the next day and nobody noticed a thing.


Overall I’m SO pleased with my results. As the photos show, the change was very subtle but noticeable to me. My top lip has been balanced out and overall my lips are looking naturally plumper. My side projection is more pronounced now, whereas before my top lip kind of disappeared from a side view. I’m really happy that I opted for the 0.5ml for my first treatment as I now feel confident to build them up in the future if I want to (and let’s be honest, that’s probably going to happen VERY soon…)


My treatment was complimentary in exchange for an honest review, but prices for 0.5ml of filler at Dermoperfection start at £160. I know from my research over the years that this is really fairly priced (and I’d advise anyone against going to clinics that offer filler too cheaply, as the product is likely to be of a lower quality) and is great for the level of expertise you’re getting. I would 100% recommend visiting Amy or Stuart at Dermoperfection for any aesthetic treatments, and know I’ll be booking in again soon.


8 top tips to having great natural looking skin over winter in Birmingham

Winter’s cold weather combined with stifling office heating is a heady cocktail that quickly takes its toll on the complexion and lips.

But skincare expert Stu Logan from Dermoperfection clinic, in Pinfold Street, Birmingham city centre, is offering insider tips to help men and women maintain a natural healthy glow during the cold snap.

Specialising in rejuvenating skin techniques along with treatments for conditions, such as pigmentation, scarring, skintags or acne, Stu has done over 7,500 non-surgical procedures during nearly nine years in the business and is an expert in the treatment of lines and wrinkles.

frontage of Dermoperfection in Pinfold Street
Dermoperfection in Pinfold Street

We went behind the scenes at the aesthetics, skin and cosmetics specialist clinic to find out Stu’s top tips for having great looking natural skin over winter.

Whether it is skin analysis, facial volumisation, advice with a reparative skin care regime, micro-needling or peeling, Dermoperfection puts clients at ease and gives them the advice and after care to make the best of their skin.

“Much of what we do at Dermoperfection relates to the emotions that people get at looking at themselves and making them feel more positive about ageing,” explained Stu, who also owns MetroSpa in Harborne.

“The treatments we offer enable people to take control to look as natural as they can. With winter approaching, it’s a great time to review your skincare and skin health regime and follow these top tips.”

Dermoperfection can be found at 36 Pinfold Street in Birmingham city centre and takes online bookings here. For more information on treatments, call 0121 439 4350 or visit

Hydrate and protect

A key part of having healthy skin over winter is to hydrate the skin and protect it from everyday pollutants. Stu’s advice is to use a high concentration Vitamin C serum, which will protect the skin, keep your complexion bright and helps the skin to repair along underneath a hydrating moisturiser.

Dermoperfection has its own range of skincare products
Dermoperfection has its own range of skincare products

Keeping the body healthy with plenty of water, nutrients and vitamins is essential for skin metabolism, complexion and general wellbeing. The skin needs some support in defending itself from the chill and there’s a selection of vitamin drips now available at the clinic.

Stu has developed the Dermoperfection skincare range with seven steps to fight the first signs of ageing, which includes an endurance moisturiser and C20 maximum strength Vitamin C serum.

Jelly masks are also a new treatment, which completely encase the face while soothing it and are full of active ingredients that directly nourish the skin and are a great add on to any treatment.

Stu Logan from Dermoperfection
Stu Logan from Dermoperfection

Don’t forget the sun

It may be cold but the sun still shines so it is important to use sun protection, warned Stu.

“The number one factor in skin ageing is from the sun,” added Stu. “So using protection against damaging rays of the sun, in the same way you would during the summer, is essential and will make a real difference.”

Remember there is sunshine even on the coldest of winter days
Remember there is sunshine even on the coldest of winter days (Image: BPM)


The start of the cold weather is an ideal time of year to renew skin with a peel – whether it’s a gentle one for a mild exfoliation or a higher graded peel to hit those deeper layers for an anti ageing result. There’s a wide variety available to suit all skin types.

Stu explained that a peel removes the top layers of dead skin cells in a controlled way, prompting the skins own repairing and renewing cells to reveal new younger skin cells and radiant skin.

“A skin peel gets deeper down below the top level of the skin and promotes new skin growth,” he added. “It can give you a boost of confidence having radiant, glowing and energised skin, so you feel more confident about how the skin can look.”

Discover Profhilo

One of the most popular anti-ageing treatments across Europe right now is Profhilo, explained Stu, adding: “It stimulates the skin and makes it behave how it did years ago, it’s like adrenaline for the skin!”

Dermoperfection highlights the before and after changes to the arm after using anti-ageing treatment Profhilo
Dermoperfection highlights the before and after changes to the arm after using anti-ageing treatment Profhilo

The multi award-winning injectable anti-ageing treatment is made in Italy from ultra pure hyaluronic acid and is aimed at skin that is losing its elasticity and firmness with age.

Over four weeks, the Profhilo starts to diffuse into the skin’s tissue to stimulate collagen and elastin and makes dramatic changes that transform the look of the skin.

Dermoperfection is the leading provider in the West Midlands of Profhilo, which is a versatile product that can be used in the face and body that include areas traditionally difficult to treat, such as neck, hands and arms.

“This kind of treatment creates younger, smoother looking skin that is firmer, brighter, tighter and more energised, in a completely natural looking way” added Stu.

Before and after photos of anti-ageing treatment Profhilo used on the neck at Dermoperfection
Before and after photos of anti-ageing treatment Profhilo used on the neck at Dermoperfection


The great advantage of this, according to Stu, is that it boosts the production of new collagen with regular use and particularly helps with pigmentation issues and crepey skin.

“A lot of women suffer with pigment issues due to hormones,” added Stu. “We can give them the confidence so they don’t have to cover up with make-up.”

Microneedling is a minimally-invasive treatment that uses fine needles to create thousands of tiny micro channels in the skin that allow for active ingredients to be added, like vitamins, to pass through the skin directly to the cells where they have the greatest impact.

It also prompts the production of new collagen to be created through the body’s natural healing process.

In the clinic, pharmaceutical grade vitamin cocktails are available to be added to the microneedling treatment for all skin concerns to give a tailored result – be that pigmentation, general skin ageing, stretch marks or scarring.

Before and after photos of fillers, used to soften nose and mouth lines at Dermoperfection
Before and after photos of fillers, used to soften nose and mouth lines at Dermoperfection

Find out about fillers

Stu is an expert in Juvederm fillers and has trained by the company who produces Juvederm in applying them.

These high quality facial fillers can shape and contour specific facial features with results that can last as long as nine months to two years. That could be enhancing the curve of cheekbones or giving natural definition to lips.

“Fillers can be used to sculpt the face, whether it is to give a more feminine or masculine look or put more structure in areas like the chin,  jawline or midface,” added Stu. “It can change an appearance from looking sad and drab and correct sunken areas, like under the eyes, so people feel more confident, rejuvenated and maintain a fresh look.”

Use good quality products

Think about what you are putting on and under your skin, is the final piece of advice from Stu.

“We only use reputable branded products and treatments at Dermoperfection, that have clinical data supporting its use and effectiveness. For that reason we understand how the treatments will work and how to plan great natural treatments, my team and I are medically qualified registered healthcare professionals,” he said.

Dermoperfection is also a specialist clinic for Obagi Medical, advance skin care and skin transformation systems.

Keep it natural

The main piece of advice from Stu is to always do your research and not go overboard with treatments, but keep it natural.

“My advice is to make the most of a free consultation, so we can see what is best for you to achieve natural looking results,” added Stu. “Take advantage of having a tailored individual service because we know that everyone is different.”

Dermoperfection can be found at 36 Pinfold Street in Birmingham city centre and takes online bookings here. For more information on treatments, call 0121 439 4350 or visit


Notes on… Envy Facial

Diamonds may or may not be a girl’s best friend. Blocked pores, dehydrated skin and hyperpigmentation definitely are not — and it’s with these three post-vacay complaints that I went to transform my visage in under half an hour with the Envy facial, which legit involves some sparkly rock action.

New in town and exclusively available in the Midlands at Dermoperfection and Metro Spa, the treatment simultaneously exfoliates, extracts and infuses using a combo of serums chosen depending on the condition of your skin. The exfoliation bit involved a diamond tip to help clear away the dry top layer of my winter-worn skin evenly, with a slightly-scary sounding pneumatic closed-looped vacuum pressure (that actually feels rather nice) to extract my numerous imperfections. Ever so satisfyingly, you can see all of the dirt and dead skin cells that come out. Apparently mine wasn’t “too bad at all”, despite my skincare regime of water, water, and oh yeah, moisturiser now and again.

This is a lunchbreak-friendly facial with no pre or post requirements — you can exercise straight after and your skin almost immediately glows rather than looking blotchy or red. But the very best feeling for me was when I woke up the next morning, face fully infused, with fresh, plump looking skin that’s still feeling smoother than ever.

It’s normally £129 for an Envy facial, but book in for your first treatment before Jan 31 and it’s half price, so £64.50. (KD)


Plasma eye lift and skin tightening

Tired eyes and sagging tear troughs age a face. The surgical eyelift, also known as a blepharoplasty, can require significant downtime and will occasionally leave scars. The skin surrounding the eyes is particularly thin and delicate; surgical scars can heal unpredictably and leave uneven results. A painful procedure, the average cost of a blepharoplasty can average £5000. Until recently, cosmetic creams and superficial eye masks were the only other option available to help hydrate and smooth wrinkles around the eyes. Plasma Pro is a revolutionary skin tightening treatment which uses high temperatures and a non-touch techniques to eliminate excess skin. Exposing the epidermis to (what temp?) degrees, dissolves surface skin cells to tighten fibres. Using a fine, pinpoint diathermy pen to ionise atmospheric gases and burn loose skin, when new cells form, a tighter, fresher appearance is instantly visible. Also effective when treating skin tags and stretch marks, results are visible within two weeks, with the maximum results taking up to twelve weeks to appear.

A quick and relatively pain-free procedure, the Plasma Pro procedure is quick and costs a fraction of it’s surgical equivalent.

Pre-procedure, avoid alcohol and NSAID’s such as Ibuprofen, both can increase bruising and bleeding. Post-treatment, be prepared for significant facial swelling for three to four days. Avoid social events for the next five days and sleep propped up on a pillow to encourage lymphatic draining. Resist picking scabs to protect healing skin from infection; Vaseline can help to shed dead skin. When washing your face and hair, be careful to eyes keep dry. Lastly, be generous with a high SPF over the next six months.

Some people notice an instant result after one treatment of Plasma Pro. If the skin is slightly more resistant to the procedure, further treatment may be necessary. Perfect for under eye areas and lids, your eyes will  instantly appear wider, brighter and more expressive. Results can last a lifetime, revolutionising eye contact and confidence. Visit Dermoperfection to find out more and get a quote today.


Is surgery after 50 becoming the norm?

It’s true what they say; with age comes wisdom, maturity and a heightened desire to go under the knife and fix our appearance!

A study conducted by SunLife Big 50 revealed that 6 out of 10 people are enjoying life more than ever before since hitting the landmark age. However, being on the ‘wrong side of 50’ can sometimes spur aspirations to stay young and keep the number of wrinkles appearing at bay.

With growing attention surrounding social media and the pressures to look like those ‘perfect’ ‘un-edited’ celebs, it’s no surprise that the wiser generation are popping up more frequently in cosmetic clinics with an ambition to re-gain the lifted face they once had.

According to a study, a quarter of a million Brits admit to having opted for a nip, tuck, face lift or other procedure once hitting the big five-O. The surgeries they are undertaking have said to deduct four years physically but also ten years off their mental age.

The notions behind the surgeries, according to some of the clients, are that the procedures give them the body that matches their mind, looking as young as they feel which ultimately gives them confidence and the ability to no longer worry about what other people think of them.

Whilst those who undergo the cosmetic alterations say the surgeries have produced nothing but positivity in their lives; there is mounting concerns as to whether ‘growing older with grace’ still exists. It all boils down to should we be embracing aging rather than stopping it?

Managing client’s expectations. As a practitioner it is your job to make sure your customers do not come out of the surgery unhappy with the results; to do this they must be aware of what these results will be before they get on the table. Having a patient over the age of 50 believe that when they walk out of surgery they will look exactly like they did 30 years prior is incredibly unrealistic and automatically puts you at risk of a claim when the results are different to what they pictured.

You must make sure the customer has a realistic and reasonable idea of the outcome before the procedure is underway. Emphasis on the fact surgery will not turn the clock back 20 years but enhance already existing features is vital for handling their anticipations.

Ultimately you have to limit any potential risk of a claim. If you believe your client has impossible expectations you need to know when to say no. You can put yourself in danger if you carry out a surgery where you are aware the results will not match the client’s expectations.

If you need help on how to refuse surgery, take a look at our guide ‘How to say ‘No’ to Patients’.


Celebrities drop the façade around cosmetic procedures

Celebrities are sabotaging one of lifestyle magazines’ traditional scoops by openly admitting to procedures they’ve undergone. The big names of Hollywood, music and reality TV are, it seems, less concerned than ever before about saving face by denying they’ve had work done.

Actors, musicians and others who inhabit the celebrity sphere are taking the guesswork out of “have they haven’t they” features, which are normally accompanied by a before and after photo, by explaining what they’ve had done, why, and in some cases, by whom.

Kylie Jenner has become the poster-girl for lip fillers by not only citing the specific treatment used for her lip fillers (Juvéderm), but the clinician (Dr Ourian in Beverly Hills). Meanwhile, her sister Khloe Kardashian is not only happy to divulge her use of non-invasive fat banishing treatment CoolSculpting, but even documented it on her familial reality TV show, Keeping Up with The Kardashians.

As treatments and procedures have changed, so has the rhetoric. In the past, celebrities could truthfully say they had not “gone under the knife” – thanks in large part to the approval of botulinum toxin for cosmetic use in 2002 which meant that radical surgery was no longer necessary to achieve a youthful appearance.

Paradoxically, now that cosmetic enhancements are generally far more subtle and less invasive, celebrities are de-stigmatising aesthetic enhancement and not holding back when asked what was, for many decades, a question they dreaded.

Just ask Jamie Lee Curtis.

“I’ve done it all,” she confessed. “I’ve had a little plastic surgery. I’ve had a little lipo. I’ve had a little Botox.”

Curtis’ reasons for her no-holds-barred disclosures are part of a bigger picture in which she describes addictions to painkillers and surgery.

For every cosmetic procedure, celebrity or otherwise, there’s a motivation behind it, whether it’s a desire to cover over the imprint of 10 years worth of grief, as with singer Linda Nolan, or simply a wish to enhance a specific feature or reduce the signs of ageing. Noticeably, celebrity openness about the procedures they have undergone is increasingly accompanied by an outpouring of the reasons why.

However, while the reasons may not have changed significantly over the years, the acknowledgement by celebrities that they have undergone cosmetic procedures is a more recent phenomenon.

Rapper Iggy Azalea is no stranger to more drastic enhancements, having undergone rhinoplasty and breast enhancements, and has no interest in pretending otherwise. “I’m not denying it,” she says. “Denying it is lame.”

Meanwhile, some practitioners have raised concerns over normalising cosmetic procedures. One such surgeon is Anthony Youn, who has noticed more and more young patients requesting enhancements.

He has warned that there are just as many psychological ramifications as physical risks around having work done, “With plastic surgery, the fact is you don’t always look better. Sometimes you just look different — and that can be traumatic for certain people.” While celebrity openness about undergoing cosmetic procedures may be a positive shift in some respects, it could also be contributing to these concerns about normalising such procedures, particularly for younger patients who are perhaps more likely to be influenced by celebrity culture.

Despite the fears expressed by Youn and unlike celebrities who’ve been cajoled into “confessing” because changes are so noticeable, others, such as Azalea, are wholly unapologetic about her decision to undergo surgery.

“There was nothing wrong with me. I think it’s a personal choice and anybody, man or woman, should be able to make an informed decision. If you want to change something, then that’s up to you.”



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